▸ Orcish and Drow heritage. Dark red hair, green skin, a lanky build, and long lower canines visible when she smiles and speaks.
▸ One eye blind, the other eye intense (perhaps Lolth-touched) crimson; red script facial tattoos and a rippling scar marring much of her face.
▸ Quick to laugh and smile, with a bright, toothy grin
▸ NAME: Lanner Arrowsong
▸ TITLE: The Shalm-Song
▸ GENDER/SEXUALITY: Bi/pan woman (she/her)
▸ RACE/ETHNICITY: Mixed Drow/Orc
▸ AGE: 30s
▸ BACKGROUND: The Hunt: Blessed of Obad-Hai, primal god of the Hunt, you constantly hone your skills in pursuit of your prey and delight in the thrill of the chase. The Hunter's Favor graces you with wild and bestial magic, granting you the gift of animal-speech and the ability to shed your skin and transform into a beast. You can cast Hunter's Mark once per Long Rest without expending a Spell Slot and use True Strike at will.
▸ OCCUPATION: Hunter - assassin, bounty hunter, something like a cleric
▸ DEITY: Obad-Hai, the Shalm; god of woodlands, beasts, and hunting
▸ ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
▸ CLASS: Ranger/Druid